Rosehip Birth Stories

Rosehip Birth Stories

Birth Story: Elizabeth and Avalon

“Around 3 AM my contractions had been coming for about an hour, lasting 45 seconds to a little over a minute, and coming consistently every 3-5 minutes. I was still worried in the back of my mind that this wasn’t really the time; that they would slowly die out and I would have woken my birth team in the middle of the night to come over for nothing. But…on the chance that it was real I sent them all a text and told them to head over, at which point I woke up Daniel who got up and started setting up and filling the birth tub.  Read more

Birth Story: Aleta and Tru

“On Sunday July 6th your Dad and I went on a Date while Kale stayed and played at Carsons. While out I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in my undies and told your Dad I thought you were coming soon as I knew it must have been my mucus plug.That night I went to bed and was woken up frequently by what felt like intense menstrual cramps, my uterus was starting to gently move things along.  On Monday I decided I better get the few last minute things I needed for your arrival, so I called grandma to have her help me run errands. I had some mild cramping through out the day and that night was frequently awoken by intense cramping.Read more

Birth Story: Rachel and Maude

“When I was first pregnant, my husband and I chose to have a midwife in the hospital. After 7 months, I just did not feel connected to the caregivers, and wasn’t sure if we were making the right choice. I met Heather one day and just felt so great about the whole situation. My husband and I felt it was the right choice, even though we were a little scared, this being our first child. Read more

rachel and maude

Birth Story: Rachael, Matt & Leonard

“We chose Rosehip Midwifery for our maternity & birth care without hesitation. We are connected to Heather through the Village Free School and have come to know her as a kind & understanding person. Her knowledge & support, coupled with the sincere compassion of her two apprentices (Emilia & Katrina), guided us through our journey toward parenthood. The intimacy & accessibility they provided was essential; available to answer any question or educate to instill confidence to make informed decisions. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for their services throughout pregnancy, delivery & post partum. Read more