Home Birth

Home Birth

Labor and Birth at Home

Our role during labor and birth are to monitor the well-being of mama and baby. We do this by monitoring your vitals, listening to baby, and keeping you fed and hydrated. We are there to give information, answer questions, suggest different positions, fill the birth tub, rub backs and shoulders, offer food and water, remind you to pee, listen to baby’s heartbeat, take walks with you, hold you while you squat, put a cool cloth on your forehead, and offer kind supportive words.  We also read and knit inconspicuously in the corner as you and your baby navigate the throes of labor.

After you, your partner, or we catch your baby he/she is placed on your chest and we can check the sweet babe out while he/she is in your arms. You and your family have time to bond and snuggle together while the midwife team discreetly checks on mama and baby, brings/prepares a meal, cleans up and starts a load of laundry.  We then do a complete head-to-toe newborn exam which also includes weight and length. We also fill out the birth certificate, offer newborn procedures with full informed choice, and give you a keepsake birth certificate with footprints.  We help you get started with breastfeeding and then tuck the new family into bed.

Why have a home birth?

  • Your own space, environment, things, germs.
  • Less intervention.
  • Freedom to move around and choose positions that come naturally.
  • No routine IVs or external fetal monitors to be strapped to.
  • Freedom to eat and drink to maintain energy for the hard work of labor.
  • Choice of who is with you – your family, friends, caregivers.
  • Continuity of care – you have met your midwife and she is not just whoever is on-call.
  • Labor is allowed to progress at its own unique pace.
  • Choice of water birth.
  • Baby is not separated from mama.
  • Cord is not clamped until after the birth of the placenta.
  • Family togetherness – siblings can be present.
  • Safety from interventions and separation of mama and baby.
  • Breastfeeding is supported.