Additional Resources


Sibling Support

You are welcome to bring your other child(ren) to prenatal visits. Our office has a play area with a play kitchen, tools, toys, and art materials. Big siblings enjoy seeing how big the baby in the belly is with our fetal development charts. They also love helping feel the baby and listening with the doppler or fetoscope to the baby’s heartbeat each visit. Tea, water, and snacks are provided and kids can get a sticker and feed the chickens in Heather’s backyard on the way out. Siblings are also welcome to attend the birth of their new brother or sister. We have a “sibling kit” with books, coloring pages, and small midwife tools for kids to borrow as they prepare for the big day whether or not they plan on attending the birth. Our office is located across the street from a lovely park with a playground, so attending prenatals can be an outing for the whole family!


Emilia Smith LDM, CPM, IBCLC is one of the midwives on our team and is also a certified lactation consultant.  While our team provides basic support we recommend utilizing her services which include a prenatal lactation consult as well as specific follow-up appointments in the postpartum period.  For more information check out our Lactation Services page. For Rosehip Midwifery clients, Emilia offers a discounted Lactation support package that includes a  Prenatal Consultation and 2 Postpartum Follow-up Appointments.


Herbal Support

Katrina Bubas-Stevens of The Village Apothecary is a certified herbalist who works with our practice to provide specific herbal teas, medicines, tinctures, salves, and sitz baths for our clients and families. Katrina organically grows or ethically wildcrafts most of the herbs used in her preparations. See more at  Her midwifery herbal package and pricing is as follows:

  • $55.00  Women’s Support tea
  • Rest and Relax tincture
  • MilkEaze Tea
  • Savvy Sitz Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath
  • Savvy Salve Super Skin Healer
  • Udder Oil Sore Nipple Soother

Katrina will also mix up custom made orders to relieve cold and flu symptoms or other specific ailments or pregnancy discomforts.


Kyra Marsico provides one complimentary prenatal or postpartum massage to each of our clients. She also has additional massage services for discounted prices for Rosehip clients.


Placenta Encapsulation/Keepsake Cords/Prints

We can prepare your placenta into easily ingestable capsules to provide benefits to you during your postpartum period. Preparing the placenta is done according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine tradition with the thought of returning heat back to the mother after childbirth.  The placenta has protein, hormones, and nutrients thought to nourish you and support milk supply and hormonal shifts at this time. For more information go to The umbilical cord can also be dried into a heart or spiral shape as a keepsake and a print of the placenta can be made on paper if you desire.

Childbirth Classes

Heather Hack-Sullivan LDM, CPM is one of the midwives on our team and has been teaching childbirth education for over 20 years.  Her approach is practical and informative, relying on her experience of attending hundreds of births and telling birth stories. She also has a class in the series about postpartum care of the newborn, birthing parent and parent and information about breastfeeding.