Rosehip Birth Stories

"Around 3 AM my contractions had been coming for about an hour, lasting 45 seconds to a little over a minute, and coming consistently every 3-5 minutes. I was still worried in the back of my mind that this wasn't really the time; that they would slowly die out and I would have woken my birth team in the middle of the night to come over for nothing. But...on the chance that it was real I sent them all a text and told them to head over, at which point I woke up Daniel who got up and started setting up and filling the birth tub. 

I made a large pot of coffee for him and anybody else on our team that was going to be in need of some. I also finished cleaning up the few things in the kitchen and picked up the toys that had been scattered on the living room floor so nobody would trip over them. By then I stopped caring to time contractions, they were still coming but I wasn't noticing them as much because I was busy moving around and just breathing allowing my body to work with each of them.

I think that the team all arrived around 3:30, but I can't be sure. The birth tub was still filling so I walked around the house laboring and breathed through each contraction just staying calm and relaxed letting them do their job. The midwives took my vitals and listened to the baby a couple different times after contractions to make sure she was responding well. I have no true concept of time at this point because I was not focused on the clock but I want to say between 3:45 and 4 AM the pool finally finished filling. I got in shortly after and felt very relaxed. Contractions were still powerful and intense but not painful.

I remembered my Hypnobabies and reminded myself to stay relaxed, to breath and let them do their job. That each one was one less and one closer to meeting our daughter. After probably 15 minutes of being in the tub, I noticed labor started moving more into my back. Daniel got in with me and our doula coached him on how applying pressure to different areas of my back could help with the pressure and make things easier. Between 4:30 and 5 AM I could tell we were getting close to the end. I got sick a couple times and really started feeling that lower pelvic pressure.

I was so tired from not getting any sleep since waking up the morning before, I remember thinking around that point "one closer to being able to go get some sleep!" Priorities, haha! I breathed through and had Daniel support me through a few more contractions then decided to get back into the tub. I wasn't actually planning to give birth in the tub just use it for pain management. There was no reason other than it was not what I saw happening when I imagined her birth. But as my body naturally started pushing I decided to get back into the tub and three contractions later I was starting to push her out.

According to the midwives it was 15 minutes or less from the point that I started pushing her out to her being born. I breathed and pushed through the contraction thinking "it's almost over we will meet her soon and get to go to sleep!"

Finally her head was out, another push and her shoulders slowly worked out, then one last push and out she swam into my arms. I pulled her up to my chest and out of the water and she let out a loud cry!

The midwives put a blanket over her and I took a moment to breath the relief of all my hard work. She continued crying and I just snuggled her and rested in the tub for a while as we studied her face and features and laughed about how much vernix she was covered in. After I got out of the tub we dried her off and Daniel cut the cord. The midwives took her stats and weighed her and I didn't believe them when they told me she was an even 9 pounds and 22 inches long! I took a few minutes as they did more paperwork and passed her off to her daddy so I could go get a quick shower and just rinse off then get some clean comfy clothes on.

I came back out and swaddled her in one of the pretty swaddle blankets I had bought for her then went to the couch and sat down just snuggling her and seeing if she was ready to nurse. Daniel came over and sat with us as the team cleaned up everything and we just enjoyed the moment studying her sweet little face so happy to finally be meeting her.

We decided to get Demitri up so he could come out and meet her. He was still over half asleep and not interested so I took him back to bed and he fell back to sleep right away. A couple hours after, when things had calmed I found myself hungry (and exhausted) so the team went and picked us up some food, then said their congrats and goodbyes. We were alone and it was so quiet again. We ate our food and Daniel called family to say she was here and then we all went back to bed and slept till lunch time!

And there it is, the not so eloquent short story of Avalon Rose's birthday. It was a calm yet crazy truly amazing whirlwind experience! We are so blessed to have her in our family. She is so loved by all of us and it is amazing and fills my heart with such joy watching her big brother interact with her and give her lots of loves.

I want to say thank you to my team for being there for me and supporting our family as we made that transition from a family of three to a family of four. For being there joyfully as we welcomed our princess into our family; and supporting with enthusiasm, my choice to birth at home the way I saw best for myself, my baby, and my family.

I also want to thank my husband. He was my biggest supporter and cheerleader during pregnancy and while in labor. He keeps me calm and encourages me, I couldn't ask for a more supportive partner while in labor and in life. And let me tell you watching the man you love, love your children will make you fall in love with him all over again in a totally different way."

On Sunday July 6th your Dad and I went on a Date while Kale stayed and played at Carsons. While out I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in my undies and told your Dad I thought you were coming soon as I knew it must have been my mucus plug.That night I went to bed and was woken up frequently by what felt like intense menstrual cramps, my uterus was starting to gently move things along.  On Monday I decided I better get the few last minute things I needed for your arrival, so I called grandma to have her help me run errands. I had some mild cramping through out the day and that night was frequently awoken by intense cramping.

I had been messaging Daizee (our doula) about what I was experiencing and she decided to come over on Tuesday to check in. Before she left Tuesday around 12 I had a pretty intense moment and she said I may be back here soon. Sure enough I went upstairs to let Kale nurse and nap with him. Nursing him sent me into active labor. There was no falling asleep. So I got up and turned on some music and finalized things around the house so I felt ready to welcome you. I was partly in denial you were coming anytime soon. Then all of a sudden I realized I needed to call your dad and get the midwives here. I could no longer distract myself during the waves and had begun to really need to focus and breathe.The assistant midwife was here before your dad and confirmed I was in active labor. Your dad arrived and starting getting things ready for the tub and comforted Kale. Not long after Daizee and the rest of the midwives arrived. Then grandma came to play with Kale outside. I decided to get in the shower trying to slow things down a bit as the waves were coming frequently. I couldn’t pee so Heather had me hold peppermint eo in the toilet. What a relief.

I got dressed and wandered around the house just going with the waves. I had your dad make me a banana, peanut butter smoothie knowing it was going to be the last chance I would eat for awhile. I sat on the orange peanut ball leaning forward on a stack of pillows over the couch while drinking my smoothie trying to rest. After my smoothie was done I started feeling pushy and the tub had just finished filling up. I decided to get in.

As soon as I did my water broke and I knew I was moments away from meeting you. Feeling extremely happy I kept riding the waves on my hands and knees gently easing and breathing you down. After a lot of waves the midwifes told me to reach down and feel your head. You were right there waiting to enter the tub. A few more waves on my knees and the midwifes suggested I flip over to see if that helped ease you out and sure enough the next breath your head was out and one more long funny feeling breath later your body came. At 7:20pm Your dad caught you and brought you up to my chest.

I laid in the tub for a good while just taking you in. Amazed at the experience I just had. It was so calm, so peaceful, so healing. I then got out of the tub and everyone helped us get comfy on the couch. All four us together for the first time. So special. Thank you for being my VBAC baby and healing me. I love you Tru baby.

When I was first pregnant, my husband and I chose to have a midwife in the hospital. After 7 months, I just did not feel connected to the caregivers, and wasn’t sure if we were making the right choice. I met Heather one day and just felt so great about the whole situation. My husband and I felt it was the right choice, even though we were a little scared, this being our first child.

Heather was so awesome through the pre-natal care. She made me feel so great about myself and reassured me that I was doing a great job at being Maude’s life support. Heather would spend so much time with us and answer all our questions. You can just tell that this is what she loves to do, and is very inspired by it.

Giving birth to my daughter Maude was the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever been a part of in my life! The midwives took such good care of my family through the entire experience. I felt safe the whole time and most of all, supported by these amazing women. I am so thankful to have had Heather as our midwife. She played a huge part in making my daughter’s birth feel and be the most beautiful thing in the universe. Thank you so much Heather. We love you!


We chose Rosehip Midwifery for our maternity & birth care without hesitation. We are connected to Heather through the Village Free School and have come to know her as a kind & understanding person. Her knowledge & support, coupled with the sincere compassion of her two apprentices (Emilia & Katrina), guided us through our journey toward parenthood. The intimacy & accessibility they provided was essential; available to answer any question or educate to instill confidence to make informed decisions. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for their services throughout pregnancy, delivery & post partum.

I gave birth to our son, Leonard Allen King, on  Wednesday May 28th at 5:36pm.  He was born via natural water birth at home and received into his father’s loving hands. He was 8lbs 8oz and 19″.  He was super sweet and strong with big hands and feet.  I was 41 weeks and 1 day.
Matt says the most important thing to do is trust and support your partner.  It is difficult to see her go through labor but the birth is so incredible and the emotions so strong that the best thing you can do is embrace the experience with open eyes.”

Rachael, Matt & Leonard