Prenatal Care

Relationship building is an essential aspect of midwifery care.

We schedule hour-long appointments so that there is plenty of time for all of the clinical components of prenatal care - taking your vitals, measuring your belly, feeling the position of your baby, urinalysis, drawing labs, discussing any complaints and discomforts, talking about nutrition, etc. - and to allow for time to build a trusting relationship with our team. We love listening to your hopes, fears, concerns, and excitement about this transformative time in your life.

We believe in individualized care and informed choice.

All tests, screens and procedures are offered to you with full informed choice; nothing is performed just as a routine. Ultrasound referrals can be made with other practitioners as needed and if you choose. 

We see you once a month until your third trimester when we start seeing you every 2 weeks. 

We come to your home about 36 weeks of pregnancy for a home visit  where we deliver the birth tub, assure all your supplies are gathered, and know that we can find your home in the dark! Then we see you every week thereafter back at the office until you have your baby.

We are knowledgeable about natural remedies for the normal discomforts of pregnancy.

We can offer suggestions for herbal support, bodywork, homeopathy, vitamin supplementation, nutrition changes and specific exercises that can go a long way in easing common pregnancy complaints.  We can also make referrals to other resources in our community including naturopathic physicians, MDs, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractors.