Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

We schedule prenatal visits for one hour each month until your third trimester when we see you every 2 weeks.  At about 36 weeks of pregnancy we have a home visit (we deliver the birth tub, make sure all your supplies are gathered, and make sure we can find your home in the dark!) and see you every week thereafter back at the office until you have your baby.

Prenatal visits include all the clinical components-taking your blood pressure and pulse, measuring your belly, feeling the position of your baby, urinalysis, discussing any complaints and discomforts, talking about good nutrition, etc. We have laboratory privileges and can draw all labs in office. All tests and screens are offered to you with full informed choice and nothing is performed just as a routine. Ultrasound referrals can be made with other practitioners if you desire.

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Keeping You Comfortable

We have knowledge of natural remedies for the normal discomforts of pregnancy. Herbs, homeopathy, vitamin supplements and specific exercise can go a long way in helping relieve much of what you experience.  We can also make referrals to other resources in our community such as naturopathic physicians, MDs, yoga centers and teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractors.

Just as importantly, prenatal visits are a time to get to know each other.  Good midwifery care is based on having a relationship with you and listening to your hopes, fears, concerns, and excitement about this transformative time in your life.